DXN Membership Kit

DXN Membership Kit is provided to all DXN members. It is included in the package when the new member pays the membership fee.

What is included in the Membership Kit?
(Content changes from time to time)

  • Book Binder

  • Brochures and Booklets

  1. Make your dreams come true when you join DXN/ One World, One Market Concept

  2. Feats of Brilliance/ DXN Founder (Dr. Lim Siow Jin) Recognition

  3. One Dragon Concept/ Diligent Research, Advanced processing

  4. DXN Product Series

  5. DXN Marketing Plan

  6. Travel Seminar Incentive/ "Hand in Hand" Great Success

  7. DXN Global Company Recognitions/ DXN Information

  8. Creates Better Life in Future with DXN/ Let's Work Together to Pursue Victory

  9. DXN Code Of Conduct

  10. DXN Distributorship Rules and Regulations

  11. DXN Product Price List

  • Certificates

  1. Direct Sales License

  2. Certificate of Insurance

  3. Certificates of Approval (ISO 14001:2004/ ISO 9001:2000)

  4. GMP Certificate of Manufacturing Facility

  5. Certificate of Authentication HALAL

  • DXN Membership Application Form

  • DXN Logo sticker

Hand shake

DXN Global is the sole manufacturer of DXN natural health products including the Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1, Lingzhi Coffee 2-in-1, Lingzhi Black Coffee, Other Coffee Beverages, Lingzhi Coffee Recipe, Cocozhi Chocolate Drink, The Spica Tea Morinzyme, Spirulina Algae, Gano Massage Oil, Ganozhi Toothpaste, The Ganozhi Shampoo, Ganozhi Bath Gel or Body Foam, and The Ganozhi Soap.

These health products are available only through authorized DXN Service Centers worldwide or through International Networking System. Please check for the Service Centers near you to purchase this product or Contact Us to inquire for details on how to purchase with discount.

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