DXN Zhi Mocha

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The Zhi Mocha

The Chocolate Coffee

DXN Zhi Mocha is a variety of Lingzhi coffee specially concocted for coffee lovers who love the taste of chocolate as well. This rich and aromatic coffee is blended with instant coffee powder made from the selected coffee beans, ganoderma extract and cocoa powder. Now, coffee lovers can savour and enjoy the difference of this exquisite coffee without the overly rich feeling.

With iced coffee becoming popular these days , you can try adding ice cubes to a cup of this type of coffee. It is definitely a good choice to cool you down in a hot afternoon. Whether hot or cold, this coffee has a creamy, sweet and unique taste with a slightly bitter after taste. Aside from DXN Lingzhi Coffee, this coffee would definitely be another choice of beverage to delight your daily habit !

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