Tips on shampooing with Ganozhi Shampoo


The Lingzhi coffee is a product of DXN International - the world class Ganoderma manufacturer..

The Healthy Ganozhi Shampoo

This all-natural shampoo is a unique blend of Ganoderma extract plus Vitamin B5 to effectively cleanse, protect, and moisturize hair.

Tips on Shampooing with Ganozhi Shampoo

  • To minimize tangle formation, comb the hair before showering. This keeps the hair strands in position, and avoids the unbearable knots.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly. It is good to continuously let the water flow after all the suds came off to ensure that nothing is left on the scalp. Lift the hair once in a while to release the soap in between the strings. Use cold water whenever you can. This closes and sets the scalp pores.
  • Wash frequently if you have itching, flaking, or dandruff. Some people like to set the shampoo on the scalp for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Don't drown in shampoo. DXN Ganozhi shampoo is so economical, that one sudsing with a quarter size squeeze is fine.
  • Proper shampoo applications:
    Take some on the palm, and rub hands together. Then, run the palms over your head, and along the hair strands. No need to gather all your hair at the crown and start to rub. This just promotes knotting of the hair strands. Just slide the hands up and down the strings of hair, and let the suds penetrate the inner layers of the hair. Massage scalp gently to increase blood flow to the roots, thus promoting the nourishment of the strands.
  • Feel free to use the product daily, since ingredients are mild and safe for frequent usage.


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