Status of DXN Membership

2. Status of Distributorship

2.1 Application can be submitted for the following:

(a) Husband and wife are automatically deemed to be registered as Joint Distributors with a

single distributorship code. If the husband or wife is found to have registered as a

Distributor of DXN after the spouse has earlier been a Distributor of DXN, then the later

registration of distributorship will be cancelled and/or the whole group will be transferred

to the spouse. However, in the event if a couple married after both of their joint dates, they

are allowed to hold two separate distributorship codes.

(b) A husband with more than one legal wife can only elect ONE wife for the husband and wife

partnership, subject to the appropriate local legislation. Subsequent wives who wish to be

a Distributors MUST joint as a SINGLE identity without the presence of spouse.


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