Restrictions on Product/ Manner of Selling

11. Restrictions/Right to Area

11.1 A Distributor is not allowed to have any right or impose any rstriction to a particular area and are strictly prohibited to declare that they have any specific right on a particular area.

11.2 A Distributor is strictly prohibited to distribute or sell any Products specifically manufactured for a particular country in any other country unless written approval from DXN.

12. Restrction on Products

DXN’s Products are strictly prohibited from being sold or exhibited in grocery shops, stores, mini-markets / supermarkets or trade fair.

13. Manner of Selling and Selling Price

13.1 The selling price of any DXN Product is determined by DXN and no Distributor shall be allowed to reduce or increase the price including by way of tampering with the selling price as affixed or determined by DXN on the label or packaging of the Product. Breach of this regulation shall result in having their distributorship suspended or terminated by DXN.

13.2 DXN reserves the right, at any point of time to revise the selling price including but not limited to PV and SV of the Product without any prior notice, and the revised price so determined or fixed shall have immediate effect upon its official announcement.

13.3 A Distributor is not allowed to deliver, distribute or sell any Products by way of discounts, free gifts, promotion that in aggregate or in any how are confirming the Products are distributed or sold below or above the selling price so determined and permitted by DXN, unless the discounts, free gift or promotion is organized and approved by DXN.


Restrictions on Products/ Manner of Selling

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