Responsibilities of a DXN Distributor

10. Responsibilities of a Distributor

10.1 A Distributor is independent and is free to operate on his own. Therefore, a Distributor shall not claim or represent as an employee of or having employment relationship with DXN. A Distributor is strictly prohibited from representing himself as such. Disciplinary action shall be taken on those who have breached this regulation.

10.2 A Distributor shall represent the Products, services, and opportunity of becoming a Distributor ethically and professionally.

No representation or sales offers may be made relating to Products and services, which are inaccurate as to price, grade, quality, and liability.

No unreasonable, misleading, or unrepresentative earnings claims may be made. No income guarantees of any kind shall be made.

A Distributor may not solicit or persuade any other Distributor to sell or purchase Products or services other than those offered by DXN. A Distributor agrees that a violation of this rules inflicts irreparable harm to DXN and agrees that injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy to prevent it.

A Distributor is responsible for his own business decisions and expenditures.

A Distributor shall obey and comply full with the DXN Distributorship Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct, DXN Marketing Plan and any of its policies.

A Distributor is personally responsible and accountable for compliance with all applicable national, state, municipal and local laws and regulations.

A Distributor shall comply with all laws, regulations and codes of practice applying to the operation of his distributorship and shall not engage in any activity which may bring disrepute to themselves or to DXN.

A Distributor shall not make any representation to a prospective recruit and/or customer which cannot be verified or make any promise which cannot be fulfilled. A Distributor shall not present any information to the customer/prospect in a false or deceptive manner.


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