Reishi Mushroom Benefits

One of the Reishi Mushroom benefits is the good source of B vitamins and amino acids. Recent studies and research have shown numerous bioactive compounds or elements found in Reishi. These elements work in synergy to correct imbalances in the body at cellular level.

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Research has shown that Reishi extracts have interesting and potentially useful medicinal activity. The results of in vitro, animal and some human studies indicate the following beneficial affects:

• Stimulation of macrophages (immune cells) and interleukins (anti-tumor)
• Inhibition of platelet aggregation (anti-blood clotting)
• Nausea reduction after chemotherapy
• Antioxidant activity
• Immunostimulation in cancer and HIV patients
• Cholesterol lowering
• Anti-inflammatory

Polysaccharides are suspected to be a major active ingredient in many mushrooms consumed for medicinal use. Reishi extracts contain elevated quantities beta-glucan polysaccharides as well as triterpenoids (ganodermic acids). For general health benefits, Reishi is taken as a general immune system stimulant, to boost energy and to combat fatigue.

Confirmation of clear and repeatable benefits in human studies is lacking but testimonials from different reishi users worldwide are phenomenal, reporting positive healing results.

Improved outcomes in cancer patients who use Reishi in addition to a traditional course of treatment have been reported but the contribution of Reishi in these cases is not well understood. In the absence of a demonstrated adverse affect, or excessively high dose, taking Reishi concurrently with another course of treatment is unlikely to do harm.

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