DXN Canada update

Here is a new DXN Canada update and a good news from the head office of DXN Global...

"Good Morning.

Over the past year, many of you have expressed your support to DXN and we appreciate your confidence in us.

We are pleased to announce that DXN is now back to Canada. Daehsan Canada Inc is now representing us as our Main Stockist in Canada. The opening of the new office will further enhance DXN's global network and its ability to better meet the needs of all the distributors around the world. The new office will start its operation in February 2010.

Therefore, please be informed that the E-Commerce system will no longer be available for direct online purchasing to Malaysia. Purchase of products shall be until 31st Jan 2010 only. Immediately after 31st Jan 2010, the system will not be able to be accessed anymore.

For further details, please contact :

Daehsan Canada Inc.

Address : 714 Cabana Rd. East, Windsor, ON, N9G 1A4,
Phone : 1-519-967-1522
Fax : 1-519-967-1974

Contact Person : Ms. Mayflor Sales

Thanks. "

DXN substockists in some Canadian provinces are now ready to serve you including Western Provinces, Ontario, and Quebec.

Visit: www.redmushrooms-healthmanna.com/DXN-Substockists.html


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