Drinking Lingzhi coffee

by Edwig (Ed) Juliana
(Curacao Netherlands Antilles)

About 3 months ago I tried and I’m still using your product DXN Lingzhi Coffee 2 in 1. It’s a wonderful product, a God send especially for me. Before I was trying on mine own for quitting drinking a lot of coffee (Nescafe) when a notes that I was truly addicted to it. It was a really horrible experience with mostly terrible head ache that I had for trying to stop. Before I was drinking full cup of coffee as I needed to drink water. Let’s say instead of water alone, who I always drank as sufficient, I drank as much coffee also. I never had or feel sick for this bad habit still one day I suddenly became sick with stomach ache. Then one day on a vacation “on Republic of Santo Domingo” I had the honor to meet a member of your guys. He introduced (sold) me one case with 12 sachets that immediately had the most terrific influence on my health. I never ever more had any head aches. Believe me, never, ever more. There for I wish to be a member of your team so I can introduce this really terrific product to other people.

Please contact me ASAP with all the information necessary I need for join this terrific program (product).
I hope to hear from you soon...

Yours sincerely,

Edwig (Ed) Juliana
Pasenshiweg 17.
Curacao Netherlands Antilles

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