DXN Starter Kit & Distributor's Purchase Order

DXN Starter Kit Policy.

4. Registration Fee

The registration fee is to be determined by DXN which is subject to change at any point of time and shall take effect immediately upon the issuance of any official announcement or notice.

5. DXN Membership Kit

Upon registration, distributors will be given a DXN (Membership) Starter Kit. The Starter Kit, business materials or sales aids' price is set at cost: not a service or franchising fee, strictly to offset costs incurred by DXN in the production and distribution of the marketing tools and materials. No PV or SV shall be given and no commissions or bonuses shall be paid on the purchase of the starter kit or business materials or sales aid. The Distributor may purchase additional kits for resell to new recruits. The Starter Kit shall be sold at the price fixed by DXN and is strictly prohibited to be sold/resold for profit or mark-up.

6. Distributor’s Purchase Order

Products can be purchased either online according to the mode of payment as prescribed in the online ordering form or by cash (or by any mode of payment so accepted by DXN) from DXN and valid stockists.


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