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DXN Announcement updates:

1. Tax for International Bonus of Bangladesh, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia,  Nepal, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Sudan and USA are 10%.

2. Tax for International Bonus of Indonesia is 5%.

3. Tax for International Bonus of Thailand is 15%.

4. Tax for International Bonus of Philippines is 25%.

5. Tax for International Bonus of Kenya is 5% for the bonus KES 24,000.00 and above.

Note : Bonus amount over $20.00 is subject to $2.00 processing charge Bonus amount under $20.00 processing charge is waive by Company $  2.00 processing charge for check replacement.

* Only qualified points will be taken into consideration for incentive computation.

* Subject to EDC and management approval and Terms and Conditions of TSI.

** Note :- **

1. Please note that the International TSIP is fixed as TSIP/August 2009 exchange rate from RM instead of varied from month to month from  August 09 to July 10 to ensure the consistency of TSIP after conversion though out the period.

2. CSS - DXN Announcement

Good Morning DXN!

We are please to announce to you that commencing July 2007, Local Bonus Statement will be made available in CSS. You will not only be able to gain access to your current month but also the last 3 month personal Local Bonus Statements.

For those who are eligible to registered as a member for CSS, kindly seek your local branches/stockists assistance to register and gain access to the facilities immediately.

3. Effective from 1st March 2008, our Canada office has ceased operations. In view of this, members and distributors who wish to purchase DXN products or sponsor new members are welcome to do so through our DXN Networking System.

UPDATE: A DXN Service Center will soon be established in Canada.
Further anouncement will be posted once everything is finalized.

For further details, please contact Geoffrey Loh Ken Hui at Tel. no.: +604-7720277.

** End Statement **


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