DXN Application for Membership/ Distributorship

1. DXN Application for Distributorship

1.1 Only applicants aged 18 years and above may apply to become as a Distributor.

1.2 In order to become a Distributor of DXN, an applicant is required to complete and submit the Online Distributorship Application Form and shall irrevocably agree to abide by the DXN Distributorship Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct, DXN Marketing Plan and any of its policies including but not limited to any variation, amendment or modification. Any application for distributorship is subject to the approval of DXN.

1.3 A Distributor is prohibited from submitting any false or inaccurate information to DXN. A Distributor shall inform DXN of any changes affecting the accuracy of the Distributor's details. DXN reserves the right to immediately terminate any distributorship in the event it determines that false or inaccurate information was provided by the said Distributor.


DXN Application Policy

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