A guide to DXN Global Canada Registration Online.


DXN Global Canada registration system is now available to all Canadian residents  as well as from other countries. You can sign-up to become a DXN member/ distributor.

DXN Online Registration

Follow the steps below for the DXN Network System Online Registration, and provide the details that are being asked. The guide below has sample graphics intended for DXN applicants from Canada. Your own DXN code will be generated with this DXN Canada membership guide.

1. Click: Red Mushroom

2. Select your country from the drop down menu. Canada

3. Click: Red Mushroom

4. Enter Sponsor Code: 818134373

5. Click: Red Mushroom
(The “Sponsor Name: MAE BARTOLO” will show-up)

6. Click: Red Mushroom

7. Complete the online registration
(Note: Those areas marked * are mandatory to be filled out correctly.)

8. Click: Red Mushroom

9. Complete declaration

10. Click: Red Mushroom


You are now a new DXN member/ distributor.

You need to place an order within 6 months or your membership will automatically expire.


A guide to DXN Global Canada Registration online. Back to Home page now.

The Health Manna website supports the online registration
system of DXN Global worldwide. DXN Global is a direct-selling and networking company on natural health products primarily the Ganoderma products.

DXN members and distributors under the Health Manna network
have expanded to more countries. As new members join from other countries, they become sponsors to new applicants.

If you are not a DXN member/distributor yet, you may want to join now by clicking the links below. If your country of residence is not listed below, please contact us for the instruction.

DXN Philippines | DXN Canada | DXN Greece | DXN India | DXN Nepal | DXN Dominican Republic

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